Custom-fitted device

Why Oral Appliance Therapy

Our oral appliances are custom-fit to your mouth, creating a safe airway, reducing the number of times you stop breathing in the night. Get more restful, better sleep with a OAT.

ProSomnus® Sleep and Snore Device
ProSomnus® Sleep and Snore Device

Improve Sleep & Reduce Breathing Stoppages

Oral Appliance Therapy has been found to reduce the number of times you stop breathing in the night. This is measured as an Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI), which reduces when using the appliance. Instead of using a large, noisy CPAP machine, sleep more comfortably with a small, retainer-sized OAT.

Revitalize Your Health

Sleep Apnea causes issues sleeping, but it can affect your overall health with issues including cardiovascular diseases and excessive daytime sleepiness. Feel rejuvenated after a night’s sleep with a OAT.

ProSomnus® Sleep and Snore Device

Sleep Apnea Treatment

About the Oral Appliance Therapy

Our oral appliance therapy is a method of treating Sleep Apnea and snoring. Unlike traditional CPAP machines, this appliance is worn like a retainer overnight and doesn’t have any moving parts or electronics. It is custom fit to your mouth to slightly position your lower jaw forward while sleeping. This opens your airways, giving you restful sleep without Sleep Apnea or excessive snoring.

ProSomnus® Sleep and Snore Device

Smaller Volume, Greater Comfort

2.5x less overall volume, 4.5x more tongue space

Greater Durability

10x stronger, shatterproof

More Biocompatible, Easier To Clean

BPA Free, less porous and hygienic

Better Lip Competency

Anatomical splint design replicates patient’s anatomy

More Flexible

51% better flexibility for more comfort

Affordable options

Covered by Most Insurances

While deductibles and co-payments may vary, almost every medical insurance helps cover your sleep apnea solution. We also work with Medicare.

Pros & cons

Oral Appliance Therapy vs. CPAP

More Comfort

More Comfort

Many patients report Oral Appliance Therapy being more comfortable to wear throughout the night when compared to CPAP.

Convenient Size

Convenient Size

Oral Appliance Therapy is small and easy to travel with (similar to a retainer). CPAP machines are large and bulky, often requiring a case to travel with.



Oral Appliance Therapy has no moving parts & makes no noise, unlike a CPAP that is continually moving pressurized air through the machine.

Three easy steps

How It Works


Step 1. Measure

  • Work with us to schedule a sleep test or bring your current test results for a consultation.
  • We will make sure your test is evaluated by a board certified sleep physician and, if necessary, obtain your Letter of medical necessity (LOMN) and prescription.
  • We measure the mobility of your lower jaw and digitally scan your teeth for the fabrication of an oral appliance therapy device.

Step 2. Make

Our lab will fabricate your Oral Appliance Therapy device in approximately 3-5 weeks. While deductibles and co-payments may vary, nearly all medical insurance plans can be used to help cover the cost of your oral device. Not using insurance? No problem. Enjoy low monthly payments at 0% over 6 months.

Sleep Better

Step 3. Sleep Better

Simply put in your OAT before going to sleep. Wearing your COA will bring your lower jaw slightly forward to open up your airway. The oral device works by preventing tissue at the back of the throat and the base of the tongue from collapsing back into the airway.

A Note From Our Founder

Hi, I’m Dr. Kelly Standish

If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may already be aware of the difficulties surrounding CPAP treatment.

While CPAP is an effective treatment for sleep apnea, patients often abandon their treatment altogether after nightly frustration with uncomfortable face masks and noisy machines.

This is why we introduce Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) – a more comfortable, convenient alternative for treating sleep apnea.

Our Oral Appliance Therapy is a is small, lightweight device (similar to a retainer) that you wear while you sleep. The device works by positioning your lower jaw slightly forward, opening up the airway to your lungs.

The OAT has no moving parts & doesn’t make any noise while you sleep.

If you are not experiencing restful sleep, have been told you snore, or are unhappy with your CPAP, this treatment might be right for you.

Please call our office today to learn about your treatment options for a better night’s sleep.

Dr. Kelly Standish

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Dr Kelly Standish of North Florida Sleep

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