For Physicians

CPAP vs. Oral Appliance

We understand the roles that both oral appliances and CPAP can play in a patient’s health.

AADSM Protocol

We follow AADSM protocol for treating sleep apnea.

Consistent Follow-ups

We will always send follow up letters so you can follow along with your patient’s treatment.

Medicare and Insurance

We work with Medicare and all major medical insurance plans.

Quality Appliances

We always use the highest quality appliances.

Continuing Education

We are committed to continuing education for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and oral appliance therapy.


We are not afraid to tell a patient that Oral Appliance Therapy may not work for them.

Alternative Offerings

We educate patients on the adjunct treatment options such as bed wedges, nasal cones/strips, and more.

Dr. Kelly Standish

An experienced sleep dentist

Dr. Standish and our team enjoy meeting with physicians and their teams to educate on Oral Appliance Therapy and how we can be a resource for you and your patients. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a visit or lunch.

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